Legends point out that Romero should open the red button.

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Gary Neville, Michael Dawson and Jamie Redknapp, three football legends, joined in criticizing Tottenham Hotspur defender Christian Romero, he should have been shown a red card for opening the button. Went on Callum Wilson in the 4-1 win over Newcastle United.

Romero made his second start after being released from suspension. Then entering the 80th minute, between the “Golden Spurs” leading by three scores. He made a tackle but couldn’t find the ball. Then he stomped hard on Wilson’s ankle. สมัคร ufabet

Chris Kavanagh was on the field punishing him for giving out a yellow card and the VAR room, led by Peter Banks, considered upgrading it to a red card. But in the end it didn’t happen. The 25-year-old Argentinian stayed until the end:

“To be honest, Romero is a crazy person… G-K’s body always wants to clash. With no thought of stopping,” Neville, the Manchester United legend, expressed his view when he saw the incident.

“The first time I saw it I thought it must be a red card. And when you watch the picture in slow motion, you think like that. Romero didn’t care about the ball and just pressed it into the opponent’s ankle. “

This time, Romero escaped, but Tottenham must fix it immediately. You don’t want to take away the aggressiveness. Because that is his strength. At the same time, we have to control it better.”

Even Spurs legend Dawson admitted that Romero was lucky to escape his second red card this season. And it will be the 4th card for the year 2023.

“Romero just returned from a ban. and foolishly tackled again. This time the team controlled the game with a score of 3-0 and he didn’t have to do that. “

He was very lucky to escape the red card today. And I agree with Gary: Romero has to control his aggressiveness. Otherwise, he will be fired regularly.”

However, Jamie Redknapp, a former Spurs and Liverpool player, has a slightly different perspective. “I think Romero will never learn… This style is who he is ′

′ There are some players you can’t adapt to and Romero is one of those players. He’s so fierce that he’s always willing to risk a red card. “

That’s part of who Romero is, but every time I watch Spurs play I’m always worried he’s going to do something bad for the team.”