Why you always wake up with a stuffy nose.

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Why you always wake up with a stuffy nose.

Many people deal with continual congestion in the morning. Dealing with morning congestion can be annoying. It’s frustrating. But if you know the cause of nasal congestion You will be able to work quickly to find the cause and fix the problem. And this is the cause of nasal congestion in the morning. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Allergens such as dust, dirt and pollen

One of the most common reasons you wake up is because of something called allergic rhinitis. while you sleep Your body will be exposed to allergens such as dust, dirt or pollen. Dust mites are the most common indoor allergens. That causes nasal congestion,

when your nasal cavity is dry. It will compensate by producing more mucus. and when your body produces too much phlegm You will wake up feeling stuffy and congested. A dry nose occurs when the environment or dry weather But it can also happen with the use of antihistamines. or other therapeutic drugs such as nasal spray

hormonal fluctuations
It can cause by various problems. such as Thai Roy low low testosterone and high progesterone It can dilate the blood vessels in the nasal cavity and result in nasal congestion.

environmental change
Changes in your environment can cause nasal discomfort in the morning. You should consider it if you can’t determine the cause of your stuffy nose. These changes stimulate the nerves in the nose. resulting in engorgement of blood vessels

sleeping position
Many people experience nasal constriction when lying down, which disappears when they return to their upright position. due to the long hours of the night This may be why you wake up with a stuffy nose. when lying on your side The nasal cavity tends to be narrower than before.