How are cysts and tumors different? Which one is more dangerous?

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How are cysts and tumors different? Which one is more dangerous?

As women begin to reach their 25s and reach their late 40s and 50s. They should start to hear the words “cysts” and “tumors” more often, whether from their own annual health check-up results. Or from the illness of friends around the body. Who gradually had to go to the hospital for surgery one by one. But do you have any doubts? Why do some people get cysts? Some say it’s a tumor. And these two things are like Or how are they different? Let’s find out with ยูฟ่าเบท Health 

What is a cyst?

Cysts are abnormal cell divisions in the body. Causing an abnormality that looks like a bag of water, like a balloon filled with clear water On any part of the body, such as cysts behind the ears, neck (cysts in the epidermis), breasts, ovaries, etc.

For the most part, fluid-filled cysts are not serious. and do not develop further cancer cells If it’s small and there’s no pain The doctor will continue to wait and see the symptoms. But if it’s bigger than 5 centimeters, the doctor will recommend surgery to remove it before it gets bigger. Or there may be cases where the cysts are twisted due to the crowding of the surrounding organs. causing the blood to not flow into the bag Causing the cyst to rot and become inflamed until the patient has pain that requires urgent surgery

However, there is another type of cyst that is harmful to the body, namely the chocolate cyst. or endometriosis. When it’s time for menstruation. The blood gets trapped in the organ where it binds, causing the cyst to form. Causes severe abdominal pain, enlarged uterus, or abnormal menstruation.

What is a tumor?

Tumors are abnormal cells that grow like cysts. but have different characteristics is a ton of meat therefore there is a risk of becoming malignant or more cancer cells than cysts But there are still some that stop growing. It’s just an ordinary lump of meat. If it is large, just surgically removed is no problem. If they are small, surgery may not be needed as well.

Causes of cysts and tumors

At present, the exact cause of cysts and tumors is still unknown. The doctor can only answer that it is an abnormality of the body that occurs by itself (like cancer that cannot be clearly identified). cells in the body as well

– Sleep late, not enough rest

– stressed

– Lack of regular exercise

– Eating too much sweet, salty or spicy food

– Eat foods that are high in fat for a long period of time.

– Smoking

– drink alcohol

– eating unclean food

– other

How to treat cysts and tumors

When the patient finds abnormalities Until it was clear that there was a cyst. or tumors in the body The doctor will check the size of that lump. if small And there are no abnormal symptoms. The doctor will make an appointment to check periodically. 

Some parts of tissue may be pierced to check for cancer cells. But if it is large, surgery may be required to remove the cyst. or permanent tissue away from the body In case of a cyst in the breast If the size is not very large and the patient is middle-aged may wait to see the symptoms until the period is over Because the cyst may also collapse on its own.