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Why you always wake up with a stuffy nose.

Why you always wake up with a stuffy nose. Many people deal with continual congestion in the morning. Dealing with morning congestion can be annoying. It’s frustrating. But if you know the cause of nasal congestion You will be able to work quickly to find the cause and fix the

What type of “eye twitching-squinting” is dangerous?

What type of “eye twitching-squinting” is dangerous? You should see a doctor. Who has ever had eye twitching? Or some squinting?  What is the reason? And which type is dangerous? Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prima Hirunwiwatkul Chulalongkorn Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society states that eye twitching or squinting is

3 ways to relieve sleepiness after eating lunch

3 ways to relieve sleepiness after eating lunch Many people experience drowsiness during the day. Especially after eating lunch. Let’s know at the causes of sleepiness during the day and after lunch. Along with these ways to prevent drowsiness from Japanese pharmacist Teruko Kawaguchi. Causes of daytime

Danger signal “cerebral hemorrhage”

Danger signal “cerebral hemorrhage“ These symptoms may be temporary and then disappear. It may happen several times, and it may occur when the artery is suddenly blocked and there is not enough cerebral hemorrhage blood supply to the brain. causing a permanent lack of blood supply to the

5 danger signs “cerebral hemorrhage”

5 danger signs “cerebral hemorrhage“ There are few diseases that can kill us. or our love ones within seconds One of them could be a heart attack. Hemorrhagic stroke or other diseases that affect the work of the heart or acute respiratory failure but another equally dangerous disease. And can also kill

Liverpool are alert! Napoli may have to sell Lozano.

Napoli expect to be forced to sell Mexico winger Irving Lozano. Leaving the team before his contract expires with Liverpool interested. The 27-year-old has a contract at Stadio Diego Maradona until June 2024 and has a €130m release clause. However, when the contract is coming to

Brother suggested PSG should sign Amrabat.

Nordin Amrabat has suggested that. PSG should sign Moroccan midfielder Sofiane Amrabat his brother amid interest from both Liverpool and Spurs. The 26-year-old has been in outstanding form in midfield for the Morocco national team. By leading the team to the semi-finals against PSG on Wednesday. While Premier